“Introducing Whiteboard Screencasts” and “Creating Whiteboard Screencasts on the iPad with Explain Everything”

This two-part video introduces the concept of the whiteboard screencast (part I) and then demonstrates how to create a whiteboard screencast on the iPad using an application called Explain Everything (part II). The videos were created using Camtasia Studio. In the first part, I describe the properties of whiteboard screencasts, indicate their potential uses in an instructional setting, show two examples from well-known practitioners, and list a set of best practices for creating such videos. In part II I present the basic features of the iPad app Explain Everything and demonstrate them by creating a five-minute screencast to the solution of a precalculus problem. The videos are published on YouTube (see links above). I also created a brief printed job aid to accompany the videos. Overall, the project demonstrates my ability to offer training about an important instructional practice. I indicate how a tablet can be creatively used to produce instructional materials. The project also highlights my facility with Camtasia Studio and Explain Everything and my broader knowledge about their potential benefits in higher education. There are several elements of the project that reflect specific elements of knowledge and skills. For each of the points listed below, I have include a thumbnail from the video. Click on the thumbnail in order to see a larger image of it that may be read and viewed.

  • instructional benefitsIdentifying Instructional Benefits. I discuss the instructional benefits of whiteboard screencasts, with particular application to higher education. This section of the video reflects my familiarity with the concept of whiteboard screencasts, my knowledge of their usage in an instructional context, and my ability to summarize the benefits of their use.


  • casting out ninesUsing Relevant Examples. I provide relevant examples of whiteboard screencasts from well-known practitioners, including Sal Khan of the Khan Academy, and Dr. Robert Talbot,  author of the “Casting Out Nines” blog on math, technology, and education. This further demonstrates my familiarity with the field as well as my ability to use the features of Camtasia Studio to embed a video with a video.



  • best practicesListing Best Practices. After presenting these examples, I enumerate best practices for the production of whiteboard screencasts. This demonstrates ability to summarize this information for instructors, based on my analysis of the examples and my own experience in creating  these kinds of videos for my own instructional use.


  • eeDemonstrating Explain Everything. I describe the features of the iPad add Explain Everything, which allows users to annotate and markup the iPad screen and import instructional assets to the screen while producing a narrated video explanation that is easily exportable. This section of the video highlights several production skills. I explain features of Explain Everything and how they might be used by an instructor. I film myself demonstrating an app on the iPad, which required the use of the AirServer feature to broadcast the screen of the iPad to a desktop computer, where it  could be recorded with Camtasia.


  • precal exampleProducing Tutorials. I demonstrate Explain Everything by creating a short tutorial presenting a precalculus problem and providing the solution. This indicates my skill in creating an actual instructional video on the iPad and my knowledge of the content area of mathematics. I also show how to export the file to YouTube or another host for distribution to students.