“Establishing Client Access to BPS SharePoint Sites. An Instructional Guide for BPS Project Managers.” 2010.

This project, executed for Baxter Pharmaceuticals, presents a procedure for Baxter Project Managers to follow when requesting client access to BPS SharePoint sites. I worked closely with BPS associates and examined the existing operational processes in order to develop a more efficient method for BPS managers to accomplish this task. The skills that I display in this artifact include:

  • baxter proceduresDefining tasks and subtasks.  The procedure that I developed consists of ten distinct tasks. Several of those tasks are further broken down into detailed sets of subtasks.



  • baxter screenshotsUsing screenshot images. The document makes extensive use of screenshot images taken from the BPS intranet. I used Snagit and carefully selected appropriate images to correspond to the written instructions of the text.


  • baxter collaborationCollaborating with clients. In completing this project I worked with the BPS SharePoint team leader and several project managers to develop materials and assess the effectiveness of my product.