Academic Technology Resource Guide

The “Academic Technology Resource Guide” is designed to demonstrate an efficient method for keeping up with developments in the field of academic technology and instructional design in higher education. On this site I filter, organize, and curate those resources that in my judgment are the most helpful for keeping up in the field of academic technology and instructional design in higher education.  I show how to use Diigo, a social bookmarking, annotation, and discussion tool, in order to create conversations around articles and topics of interest. I also demonstrate the use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to follow numerous academic technology blogs and resource sites.  An accompanying video provides a dynamic demonstration of how the site works.

Among the skills and knowledge reflected in this project, I would highlight the following three:

  • gaming--nitle diigo pageSocial annotation and commentary with Diigo. For each of the eight academic technology subfields, I provide a link to one or more Diigo sites that collects bookmarks of articles on that topic and offers the capability for social annotation, commentary, and discussion to form around these articles.  For example, here is the site resource page on open educational resources, and here is a Diigo group site on this topic maintained by the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE).


  • digg readerRSS to stay current with blogs in academic technology. Another too that I display for keeping up with this field is Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Following the closure of Google Reader, I now use Digg Reader to follow several dozen academic technology blogs.


  • academic technology resource guideVideo demonstration. I created this video to demonstrate how to use the features of this site.