“Canon Law, Catholic Identity, and Ecumenism.” Syllabus for graduate online course taught for Creighton University, Spring 2013.

This is the syllabus for a graduate-level course that I teach in the Creighton University Department of Theology. This syllabus is for the 2013 spring semester. The course is taught entirely online in an eight week time period. I designed and developed the course, and it has been approved by Creighton’s distance education review committee according to their online course design review rubric.

The syllabus reflects several design feature that I wish to highlight:

  • mam 772--discussionDesigning online discussion forum policy.  I created a set of rubrics to ensure the effectiveness of student participation in weekly online discussion forums. The requirements that I established provided for timely postings and fostered substantive exchanges among students on topics drawn from the required reading.


  • mam 772--podcastsCreating podcasts.  For each week of the class I created a podcast ranging from 20 to 45 minutes in length. The files are in mp3 format and were created using a program called Audacity.


  • mam 772--learning objectivesSubject matter expertise.  The course reflects my content area domain in religious studies and Catholic theology. The thumbnail illustrates the learning objectives and required texts for the course.